Pet Hair Remover Lint Cleaner

“A lint cleaner that works! Super efficient, easy to clean, and reusable – perfect for keeping my home fur-free.” Amanda R

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Product Description

Introducing our reusable Pet Hair Remover Lint Cleaner!

This highly efficient tool is your perfect partner for maintaining a clean, hair-free home. It’s designed to easily pick up pet hair from various surfaces, including clothing, furniture, and car seats.

Its reusable design means no refills are required – simply clean it after each use and it’s ready to go again. Lightweight and portable, it’s an essential accessory for any pet owner.

Say goodbye to unwanted pet hair with our handy lint cleaner!

  • REACHES DEEP FOR THE MOST EMBEDDED HAIRS – Whether on your couch, pet tower, carpet, car, or coat, this lint cleaner saves you time and energy without cutting corners. The lint remover for pet hair reaches even the most attached follicles, hair, and lint in a quick swipe.
  • SPECIAL MULTI-FABRIC EDGE DESIGN – Not all reusable pet fur remover products are made equal. We’ve improved on the one complaint pet owners shared by designing a pet hair removal tool that keeps the fabric intact! Use the carpet hair removal tool gently before identifying the fabric. Even your cat!
  • INFINITELY REUSABLE – This hair remover utilizes no consumables like batteries, sticky rolls, or vacuum bags, reducing your environmental footprint. The carpet scraper for pet hair could be used as a reusable lint scraper which is also budget-friendly. Buy once – Enjoy for life.
  • AN EASY, SATISFYING TIME-SAVER – Using the lint cleaner is easy and satisfying. Just take the fuzz remover and pull it across the affected area. When done using the carpet lint scraper, just throw away the collected “treasures”. Also, it’s great as a pet hair remover for car upholstery!
  • DEDICATED TO MAKING PET-LOVING LIVES EASIER – The lint tool makes every pet owner’s life easier. Gone are the days of disposable lint rollers, sticky tape, and frustration. The reusable, sustainable, and effective cat & dog remover tool saves you time and energy while getting the job done well.

How to Use:

Ude gently before identifying the fabric. For fine-haired fabrics hold at 90 degrees angle For medium-haired fabrics hold at 45 degree angle For tough-haired fabrics hold at 10 degree angle


Q: Where can I use it?
A: You can use it on anything non-knitted and delicate, like carpets, rugs, stairs, sofas, couches, cat towers, pet beds, fleece blankets, etc. Use gently before identifying the fabric!

Q: Can I use it to clean the car upholstery?
A: Yes, and not only! You can use it on your car seats, mats & trunks!

Q: Does it work on every type of pet hair?
A: Yes! Long or short – your furry friend’s hair will be gone in a jiffy!

Q: Does it work on human hair?
A: Yes! It works extremely well for removing human hair as well.

Q: Does it work on knitted and delicate clothing?
A: No, you must avoid using it on wool, knitted fabrics, silk & others. Make sure you use it very gently before identifying the fabric

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